My gifs and buttons and stuff!

Gifs, blinkies, etc I enjoy

A blinkie that says be yourself A blinkie that says I Love Dumb Men A blinkie that says Elmo's World between two pictures of Elmo from Sesame Street A blinkie that says ERROR 404 Blinkie Not Found A blinkie that says happy being me with three smiley faces A blinkie with a colorful background that says I'm Gay A blinkie that says Moonbeams and Stardust, with moons and stars next to it A blinkie that says Evangelion. On the left is Pen-Pen, a penguin character from Neon Genesis Evangelion, and on the right is Maya Ibuki, one of the recurring characters A blinkie that says web surfer, and next to it is a picture of a person surfing A blinkie that says Hello 2003 with colorful party decorations in the background A blinkie that says Eat Chocolate, accompanied by a bag of M and Ms A blinkie that says diamonds are a girl's best friend, and has pictures of the diamonds from Minecraft A blinkie that says It's a lesbian thing, accompanied by interlocking female symbols A blinkie that says mushroom boy in between two mushrooms A blinkie that says let the music play, alongisde musical notes jumping up and down A blinkie that says autism along with a picture of the autism creature, a white creature with big black eyes A blinkie with smiley faces multiplying, then cutting away to text that says Give away a smile today A blinkie of the bisexual flag A picture that says city stars, accompanied by city buildings at night A blinkie that says play nice, accompanied by crayons and a yellow and green background that looks like a Crayola box A blinkie of the nonbinary flag A blinkie that says gay bug righrs in between pictures of bees A blinkie of the lesbian flag that says lesbian pride A blinkie that says Goal: World Donination, next to a picture of Marvin the Martian from Looney Tunes Blinkie of the nonbinary flag that says nonbinary pride Blinkie that says I Love Pokemon. A Pokeball is shaped like a heart, and next to the text is a picture of Pikachu Blinkie of Kirby bouncing up and down. There is text that says little guys A rainbow background with the text Happy Pride Month A wide image of the rainbow flag with the additional brown, black, and trans colors A wide image of the lesbian flag A blinkie depicting Zoe, Ernie, Cookie Monster, Bert, Elmo, and Oscar from Sesame Street A blinkie that says despite everything it's still you A blinkie that says mean people suck A wide blinkie of the trans flag Another wide image of the trans flag, but with yellow smiley faces and the trans symbol A blinkie at night with a purple border, and white text that says werewolf A button that says this site best viewed with Pepsi A button that says copy that floppy, with an image of a floppy disk A button says this is an anti-NFT site A button that says rave now, accompanied by a stick figure dancing A button with Dr. Mario saying you were diagnosed with gay A stamp depicting the Wii console A stamp of outer space A stamp that says I still sleep with plushies, along with a picture of a teddy bear A stamp of the fake PNG Weezer shirt, depicting a blue shirt against a checkered background A stamp with red text on a black background saying yeah i'm silly A stamp of the Scrubbing Bubbles mascot saying You have no fucking idea what youre up against A stamp with yellow text on a red background saying terfs eat my fat nuts A stamp depicing a cat jumping up and down on a purple background A stamp depicting a man dressed as Po from Teletubbies holding a gun A stamp depicting a bottle of Elmer's School Glue A stamp depicing a shark rapidly swimming around a burger, with the text borgor A stamp depicing black text on a pink background saying like the legend of the penis A stamp depicting Jessie, Meowth, and James from the Pokemon anime A stamp depicing the Sanrio character Cinnamoroll on the trans flag A stamp depicing Hatsune Miku, the anthropormorphic mascot of Vocaloid singing software A stamp depicting a gif of the original Caramelldansen video, two characters from the H-game Popotan bobbing their hands and opening and closing their hands A stamp depicting the famous Neil banging out the tunes image, which is a rat playing music on a toy piano A stamp saying I love rabbits, with a picture of a brown rabbit A stamp saying sharks are cool A stamp of the rainbow gay flag A stamp of the lesbian flag A stamp of the bisexual flag A stamp of the trans flag A stamp of the non-binary flag A stamp of the genderfluid flag A gif of the word kawaii a gif saying I hate mean people a gif saying communtiy makes us strong a gif saying foster kindness in your community a gif that says Geocities, along with Akane from Ranma 1/2 a blinkie that says censorship kills creativity a blinkie that says no drama zone a blinkie that says AOL America Online A gif that says delete TikTok A stamp that says you literally cannot control people A blinkie that says use firefox a blinkie that says install ublock origin, with confetti


(the site is gone though, RIP)

And now for some Ranma thingies taken from here: and here:

a gif of Akane dancing like in the first intro a gif of Ranma getting water poured on his head and turning into a girl a gif of Shampoo smiling a gif with a green background, red text, and two chibi Ryogas saying where in the world am i now a Ryoga sprite from the Hard Battle video game a gif of P-chan a Ukyo sprite from the Hard Battle video game a Kuno sprite from the Hard Battle video game a Kodachi sprite from the Hard Battle video game a gif of Genma in his panda form A gif of chibi Shampoo kicking a Shampoo sprite from the Hard Battle video game a Ranma sprite from the Hard Battle video game a gif of Panda Genma doing tai chi a small gif of a chibi girl-type Ranma smiling a small gif of a chibi girl-type Ranma a small gif of a chibi boy-type Ranma a small gif of a chibi Akane a small gif of a chibi Shampoo a small gif of a chibi Ranma waving a small gif of a chibi angry Ryoga